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Prom - by Berthold's Floral, Gift & Garden


You've picked out the perfect dress, now it’s time to order your flower accessories! Berthold's Floral, Gift & Garden has the best selection of flowers to wear for your prom, wedding, or special occasion. Call and let us help you personalize the perfect corsage & coordinating boutonniere!

Prom 1 [PR17-01]
Prom 2 [PR17-02]
Prom 3 [PR17-03]

Prom 4 [PR17-04]
Prom 5 [PR17-05]
Prom 6 [PR17-06]

Prom 7 [PR17-07]
Prom 8 [PR17-08]
Prom 9 [PR17-09]

Prom 10 [PR17-10]
Prom 11 [PR17-11]
Prom 12 [PR17-12]

Prom 13 [PR17-13]
Prom 14 [PR17-14]
Prom 15 [PR17-15]

Prom 16 [PR17-16]
Prom 17 [PR17-17]
Prom 18 [PR17-18]

Prom 19 [PR17-19]
Prom 20 [PR17-20]
Prom 21 [PR17-21]

Prom 22 [PR17-22]
Prom 23 [PR17-23]
Blue You [TMF-414]

Chiffon [TMF-415]
Crystal Pink [TMF-417]
Pearly [TMF-423]

Royal Empress [TMF-424]
White Dendrobium Corsage [TF174-5]
Cymbidium Orchid Corsage [TF174-4]

Soft Lavender Corsage [T201-8A]
Celebrity Style Corsage [TPR07-2A]
Star Studded Corsage [TPR08-2A]

White Rose and Orchid Corsage [TF174-3]
Stephanotis Boutonniere [TF168-4]
Purple Dendrobium Boutonniere [TF169-4]

Rolled Gypsophila Boutonniere [TF169-8]
Carnation and Berries Boutonniere [TF174-2]
Pink Alstroemeria Boutonniere [TF169-5]

Green Orchid Boutonniere [T202-3A]
The One [TMF-410]
Tropics [TMF-411]