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Plants need proper nutrition to grow and in our garden center you will find a large variety of fertilizers specific to your needs. Espoma’s plant foods and soil amendments are made from the safest, finest natural organic ingredients available. You’ll find Jonathan Green, Jack’s Petunia Feed and Jobe’s fertilizer spikes, which are easy to use and are plant-specific. We carry Osmocote’s slow-release fertilizers and many other amendments.

Pest Controls:
Whether you have insects, disease or fungus destroying your plants, or weeds overtaking your lawn or flowerbeds, our garden center staff can help you find the correct solution. Most of our products are natural, organic and earth-friendly. Choose from products by Bonide, Espoma and more.

If you need help identifying a problem, bring a sample in a sealed plastic bag to show our garden specialists.

Garden-Friendly Insects:
We carry ladybugs, beneficial nematodes, praying mantids and earthworms seasonally. Ladybugs, for controlling pests in your garden, are the most popular and widely used beneficial insects for commercial and home use. Ladybugs are capable of consuming up to 50 to 60 aphids per day but will also eat a variety of other insects and larvae including scales, mealy bugs, leaf hoppers, mites, and various types of soft-bodied insects.

Beneficial Nematodes can be used anywhere developing pests exist including backyards, flower and vegetable gardens, lawns, fruit and nut trees, vines, greenhouses, row crops and more.

The praying mantis is a general predator of most pest insects, mites, eggs, or any insect in reach.

Seeds and Bulbs:
GMO-free and organic flower and vegetable seeds are available from February through June. Seeds for your favorite annual and perennial flowers, vegetables and herbs are available on our colorful displays by Livingston Seed.

Seeds and bulbs can be very easy to grow. Two easy starter bulbs are tulips and daffodils. Sunflower seeds are a favorite to plant in late Spring. Ask our staff for some recommendations for your garden.

We proudly carry Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty grass seed. Jonathan Green has developed a truly innovative, darker-green turfgrass. Black Beauty can root four feet down in the lawn soil. These grasses are genetically dark-green in color and contain endophytes for natural insect resistance. Black Beauty grasses are uniform in leaf texture and the leaf tips do not shred when mowed, as long as the mower blade is sharp. They possess a waxy coating making them more drought-tolerant and better able to ward off disease. Black Beauty grasses are used by sod growers across the U.S.A. We proudly endorse this product!

Our woven weed barrier fabric allows water to permeate yet keeps the weeds out. The natural burlap provides plant protection, acts as a wind screen and is a great tree wrap for frost protection. The 1.5 oz fabric is ideal for protecting annuals, bedding plants and vegetables from severe cold and frost. It is excellent for large areas, under paths or between shrubs.

Choose from distinctive hand tools to watering tools, wands and more. Check out our plant stakes, plant supports and many other solutions to make gardening easier and more enjoyable.